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Exhibiting is an excellent  way of measuring your birds against the breed standard, as well as gaining useful tips on how to improve your birds from the show judges.

It is a good idea to join a breed club, these are run by people committed to supporting their breed. For more information and joining the British Faverolles society, have a look at the BFS website .

A breed club is a excellent source of information and advice regarding your favourite poultry, plus you will have access to a network of  like-minded enthusiasts who would be delighted to help and discuss various aspects of this lovely breed.

A few of our exhibition winners!

Bigfoot - large salmon cock -Federation of   Salmon bantam pullet - Federation of

Poultry 1st cock class 2008                           Poultry 2nd place - 2009                

Federation of Poultry - 2010

Bantam Ermine Cockerel - 1st Place and Best Ermine

Best Faverolles with Mike Hatcher (Judge and faverolles enthusiast)

Dawlish - Feb 2010

Lovely beard on both hen and judge!

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