Beanwood Faverolles

Faverolles and Brahmas

Reserve Best in Show

for a gorgeous 2013 hatched black bantam pullet at the Leicester Agricultural Show - July 27th 2013

Results from the Federation of Poultry Clubs 2012 and the BFS annual show..

Best of Breed - Black bantam pullet 

Best Blue  - Blue bantam pullet



Results from the Federation Championship Show -  2011

Reserve Faverolles Champion - with a black bantam hen

Best Table bird - with an enormous faverolles pullet!




Results From the Federation Championship Show - Dec 10


Despite the poor weather, a really good show. Beanwood faverolles did us proud!


First - Ermine Bantam  Pullet, also went on to gain "Best Ermine"

First - Ermine Bantam Male

First - AOC - with a pretty splash pullet

Second - Ermine Bantam  cockerel

Second - Ermine  Bantam Pullet

Second - Black bantam pullet

Third - Large Salmon Pullet - pleased with this young lady as she was a little  young

Third - Black bantam Pullet





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