Beanwood Faverolles

Faverolles and Brahmas


To Beanwood Faverolles, home of own strains of bantam and large fowl faverolles and Brahmas. We breed faverolles in salmon, blue salmon, black, splash and blue in bantams, salmon in the large fowl.   Brahmas in Dark, Gold Partridge and Blue Partridge.

 We have found that brahmas, which due to their lovely docile nature make the perfect flock partner for faverolles. We also keep a few ducks, Muscovies and Runner ducks here in various colours. 

At Beanwood we also keep honeybees, around  5- 7 colonies are here and this year we have harvested around 40lbs, so 2013 has been a much better year for the honeybee. 

We do hope you enjoy browsing our website.. you can also catch up with the latest gossip on our blog and on the Beanwood Faverolles facebook page. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any faverolles queries through our contacts page or facebook (links below)

January 2015 UPDATE: Incubators are now ON! So get in touch if you would like quality faverolles in the spring..please see our conditions before contacting us...

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